Exec 1 Aviation 5 Point Safety Protocol


All of Exec 1’s aircraft, and the FBO are under the IS-BAO safety management system. IS-BAO is the most stringent certification in the industry, including over 800 audit points that require a 2-year process to complete.

Any operator we engage outside of Exec 1 Aviation must have a minimum of one of the top three safety certifications: AR/GUS, WYVERN, IS-BAO, or be part of the Exec 1 Aviation-Certified Safety Management System.

In addition, Exec 1 Aviation operates ONLY on a strict two pilot protocol, requiring two pilots on the flight deck for every Exec 1 Aviation flight.

Exec 1 Aviation was one of the first operators to obtain Wyvern Wingman Certified Pro status, a standard reserved for operators who continuously invest in their safety program to go above and beyond within the industry. Read about this accomplishment in detail here.

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All pilots must meet the stringent flight time requirements outlined by WYVERNAR/GUSIS-BAO, or be part of the Exec 1 Aviation-Certified SMS, verifying they have advanced experience in the type of aircraft they are operating.

Each pilot utilized by Exec 1 Aviation must hold a current FAA license, medical certificate and type-rating as required. Including being updated and current on the latest training certifications, which covers a flight review at minimum of every 12 months and an instrument proficiency check every 6 months.

In addition, exceeding FAA regulations, Exec 1 Aviation operates ONLY on a strict two pilot protocol, requiring two pilots on the flight deck for every Exec 1 Aviation flight.

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All airports/FBO’s are monitored by Exec 1 Aviation prior to and during your flight by our Flight Operations Department. We also receive real time and on-the-ground updates from our pilots regarding current operating conditions. We ensure that all infrastructure and equipment are available and operational for your trip. Audits include: fuel, terminal, weather conditions, aircraft capabilities, equipment, hangars and available ground transportation.

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Condition assessments are foundational to our safety standards. We never leave condition assessment to interpretation. At Exec 1 Aviation every flight must abide by and defer to the situational condition rules and operational standards dictated via strict FAA protocols for conditions and equipment capabilities.

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Every Exec 1 Aviation client has a profile containing personal in-flight needs and special requests. These customer requirements are updated for every flight and recorded in their individual Exec 1 Aviation client profiles and communicated, confirmed and verified for every flight with our pilots and flight operations team.

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Safety Certifications

Exec 1 Aviation combines its operational safety standards with the certifications of the world’s leading aviation safety programs.

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